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Pak Mei Schools

Chinese Language Pak Mei Association (?)
Chinese and English Language website of Pak Mei Lai Chuen Martial Arts Association.
Global Pak Mei Martial Arts Association - Chinese Language.
Chinese site by C.S Tang, a student of Sifu Chow Fook - good info on Lung Ying and Pak Mei, lots of English content.

Australia & New Zealand
Perth, Western Australia school. Sifu Cuong is a disciple of Sifu Wong Shun Yao (vietnam) and Sifu Chau Phu (Sydney, Australia).

Canadian Athletic Association of Chinese Martial Arts, London, Ontario. Sifu Mike Doucet
Shing Tak Tong Pak Mei Kung Fu, Sifu Choi Wing Sum in Scarborough, Ontario Canada.
Pak Mei Vancouver Canada, Sifu Wilkie Wu.
Hap Ging Do Bak Mei School, Calgary, Alberta Canada. Sifu Lau Siu Chun.

A school in Paris, Sifu Nam Ahn, from Vietnamese line.
One of the Best Pak Mei sites - from the Dutch school with lots of great content. Hakka oriented, from the late Sifu Jie Kon Sieuw.
Best site for Bibliography of Pak Mei Books and Magazines.
Sifu Dave Stevens's school in London - Cheung Bing Faat / Tang Cho Tak lineage.
Sifu Afie (KK) Wan's School in Romsey, Hampshire England. .
Sifu Jimmy Lee from Cheung Bing Fat lineage / Tang Cho Tak & Lo Den Yau, Ringo.
Sifu Nigel Stray, from HB Un and Chang Bing Fat lineage.